Contract Metal Products

About Us

As an organization, it is our mission to be “The Solution” for our customers when they turn to a supplier to fulfill their manufacturing needs.

CMP offers its customers a one stop shop solution. While some companies specialize in either Prototyping or Production work, CMP has developed a proven system that allows us to expertly and efficiently service our customers with both Prototyping and Production services.

Contract Metal Products

Early Supplier Involvement

With a corporate emphasis on ESI (Early Supplier Involvement), our engineers are available at the “Conceptual Level” to assist our customer’s engineers and design groups. Through ESI, our wealth of practical knowledge becomes a valuable tool as we assist our customers in designing for manufacturability and for cost reduction. Our involvement at the early stages ensures products that are designed for ease of manufacturing, resulting in lower part costs and consistent repeatability at production levels.

Zero Queue Production

We then offer a Zero Queue Production program that fast tracks our customers’ orders through the prototype process. In this way, we assist our customers in being First To Market with their new products and technologies.

Production Solutions

Once our customers are ready to market a proven product or technology, we offer a variety of production solutions to meet their growing demands. From spot buys for smaller production volumes to Just In Time Manufacturing, Consigned Inventory Programs as well as Kan Ban and Kitting Programs for larger volume products. CMP also offers manufacturing options in “Low Cost Regions” for those who wish to pursue overseas manufacturing.

On Time Delivery, Quality Performance and Customer Service

On time delivery, exemplary quality performance and customer service have been the hallmark of CMP since its founding. Our On Time Delivery, even in prototype manufacturing, has run at 99.9% for over 10 quarters!